Swedish "Banko" Laminated Grass Blade

Swedish "Banko" Laminated Grass Blade
Item# BankoGrassBlade
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Product Description

Stunning new old stock made in Sweden by Igelfors Liefabrik, originally imported to the United States by the Sandvik Saw & Tool Company. These blades are laminated, with a glassy-hard high-carbon center layer clad in soft supporting mild steel for shock resistance and toughness. A tremendous opportunity to snag a world-class laminated blade at a very affordable price!

There is some degree of variation between individual blades in form and label condition, and one or both labels may be damaged or missing. The edges come in the closest we've seen to ready-to-mow condition, having been ground very thin, and evenly on both sides as required of laminated blades, but they do still require some work. Blades purchased without grinding and honing may have minor dings or chips in the edge. Most blades have tangs slightly too short to fit the center tang hole on a modern Seymour snath, but fit both the left and right holes without problem. With the curvature of these blades we've found an open hang to give the most impressive results, allowing them to cut like a blade several inches longer than their actual blade length.

Average Weight: 1lb 11oz

Average Blade Length: 24-1/2"

Average Overall Length: 28-1/4"

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