Vintage American Scythe #3--Seymour Ironclad

Vintage American Scythe #3--Seymour Ironclad
Item# Scythe3

Product Description

This unit is a vintage Seymour Ironclad snath paired with a grass blade of unknown manufacture--though we suspect it may be an Emerson & Stevens due to some of the faint tooling marks still visible.

All metal components were given a full electrolytic rust removal treatment and protected with a clear lacquer finish. The snath has been sanded and given a thick application of ivy green paint at either end to protect the wood from moisture and wear during mowing and field sharpening, and the whole piece given a coat of clear lacquer for additional protection. The central portion of the snath was given a light coating of the ivy green and then brought back down to the bare wood through sanding, leaving beautiful rustic-looking fine lines and spots of green in recesses in the wood. Lastly, the entire piece was given full coating with clear lacquer as a final topcoat for durability and a bright, smooth gloss finish.

The blade has been reshaped to proper form, the tang heated and bent to the proper pitch, and the blade ground thin and the edge brought to a high polish that obliterates grass and weeds with ease. The blade features a lovely subtle "crown" (upward curve along the length to create lift at the tip) which reduces the likelihood of inadvertently burying the toe of the blade in hillock and matches the natural tilt of the initiation of the stroke.

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