Norton 2"x5" Combination India Stone

Norton 2"x5" Combination India Stone
Item# NTIB45
Regular price: $29.95
Our price: $22.47

Product Description

This high quality aluminum oxide or "India stone" by Norton Abrasives is a phenomenal all around sharpener for a variety of culinary and sporting blades. Coarse on one side and fine on the other, this affordable and versatile bench stone is a perfect choice as a first purchase by folks that are shopping for their first sharpening tool. Combined with our Basic Sharpening Guide this stone will produce good results even with the most novice of sharpeners with little practice. While the manufacturer suggests lubricating the stone with oil, we suggest using either water with a little drop of dish soap to break surface tension or common household glass cleaner. Neither of those fluids will leave an unpleasant residue like traditional oil lubrication, and it also allows the stone to be used dry if desired.

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