MASSIVE North Wayne Tool Co. "Little Giant" Grass Blade

MASSIVE North Wayne Tool Co. "Little Giant" Grass Blade
Item# NWTCo-1

Product Description

Measuring in at a whopping 32" (~81 cm) long from heel to toe, and of unusually robust build, this is one big grass blade!

Made by the famous North Wayne Tool Co. of Oakland, Maine, under their top-shelf "Little Giant" label, this blade features laminated construction for a superior combination of edge retention and strength, as well as their signature "Monitor heel" (still bearing the factory-applied red accent) for increased tang rigidity without adding extra weight. The blade also displays a beautiful gentle crown, for increased ergonomics during mowing. It is a VERY robust blade fully capable of clearing exceptionally broad swaths through heavy field growth without batting an eye.

This blade has been given a full electrolytic rust removal treatment, extensive cleaning, profile dressing to restore proper form, the edge fully reground to proper thinness and centricity with a high polish, and the tang angle adjusted through induction heating. A durable clear lacquer protective coat has been applied to preserve the finish.

A rare and impressive blade, built for rigorous and challenging field conditions! If you're looking for a brute of a scythe blade for heavy clearing work, this one's for you!

Tang Angle: 17

Heel to Toe Length: 32"

Overall Length: 34 & 1/2"

Weight: 2lb 6.4oz

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