Vintage American Scythe--Offset Seymour Ironclad

Vintage American Scythe--Offset Seymour Ironclad
Item# ESClipperRestoration

Product Description

Sporting a truly tremendous blade of excellent form, this is just thing to reach for when you have some serious mowing to tackle!

While blades of this sort were originally intended to be used with grain cradles (the support post of which passed through the hole in the rib) we find them to make excellent blades for either cutting large swaths of light/short crops or "normal" swaths with extra slicing power. The tang of this blade has been left flat for an upward lay well suited to mowing bumpy terrain. A lawn-smooth stubble will not be produced, but the edge will be better preserved and run less risk of lancing or cutting into hillocks. The higher stubble will also allow the cut grass to regrow more quickly, which is an advantage for those looking to use their mown crop for fresh livestock forage or to put it up as hay.

We have reason to believe that this blade is laminated, possibly according to Emerson & Stevens' deluxe 4-piece method with high carbon edge steel and medium carbon "back" (rib) steel between supporting layers of tough iron.

This Emerson & Stevens "Clipper" blade came to us heavily rusted and with an unevenly ground wavy edge. Despite this knew that it was clearly a lovely blade with decades of use left in it. The blade has been electrolytically cleaned of rust and trued of minor bends, the shape of the cutting line restored, and a protective clear lacquer applied to prevent low-wear areas of the blade from rusting. Lastly, the full 48" of edge have been professionally ground and honed to proper keenness, making this blade fully ready to mow!

For a gallery of additional images of this blade, including "before" photos, see our blog post, HERE. For more images of the complete scythe, see this post HERE

The snath is a Seymour Ironclad swing socket model with very heavy hardware and an offset neck that combine to allow for good balance on long blades. The wooden shaft of the snath is quite light and has been shaved down so thin that not only did the original nib blocks no longer fit appropriately, but we had to modify the replacement block used on the upper nib so that it would hug the tight radius properly. The result is a scythe that has a very strong forward mass to it with excellent horizontal balance to aid in navigating the long blade. The mass of the blade and collar provide something of a flywheel effect when mowing, storing energy at the start of the stroke as momentum to help carry through the end of the swath when the load is greatest. This minimizes strain on the part of the user, making challenging mowing easier and less taxing over time.

We consider this a scythe for the advanced and/or sensitive mower. Despite its total heft, this is a scythe that floats in the hands. However, due to its high degree of refinement it will not hold up well to abuse.

Blade: Weight: 2lb 11oz (≈1219g)

Blade Length: 47" (≈119.3cm)

Overall Length: 49 and 3/4" (≈126cm)

Snath: Weight: 3lb 4oz

Collar Assembly Weight: 13oz

Length: 60"

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