LMF Titanium Spork

LMF Titanium Spork
Item# LMF_TiSpork
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Product Description

A real favorite piece of kit here at Baryonyx Knife Co. that's a real blessing for anyone that needs to eat on the go. This innovative design Light My Fire of Sweden is light, strong, and avoids the common problem endemic to traditional sporks
--having a blunt fork and a spoon with holes in it--by simply placing the two utensils at opposite ends and incorporating a knife edge into the side of the fork. The central shank of this high-tech piece of flatware features a bead blasted finish for a secure and comfortable grip.

While LMF offers polymer models at a more modest price we find that the benefits of the titanium rendition so significant as to make the choice between the two a no-brainer. The titanium makes the tool much more rigid, while improving the strength and functionality of the fork and knife components by a large margin due to their reduced thickness. An absolute must have.

Made in Sweden

NOTE: For anyone concerned about the knife edge, it is not sharp like a pocket knife. Rather it features a lightly serrated reduced bevel like that found on a common table knife. It will cut soft foods with relative ease, but will not cut your mouth!

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