"Abuse Eraser" Stone
"Beater" Bargain Blades
"Earle Special Swift Cutter" Weed Blades--Collector Grade
"Earle Special Swift Cutter" Weed Blades--User Grade
"Grab Bag" Vintage Blades
"Grade B" Items
"The Puck" Dual-Grit Sharpening Stone
12" Cutlass Machete w/sheath
12" Jewelstik Diamond Steel
14" Old Hickory Butcher's Machete
18" Cutlass Machete w/Sheath
8.5" Ceramic Honing Rod
All Condor Products
All Knives & Tools
American Scythe Snath Blank
Angelo "Sorrento" Billhook--"Grade B"
Angelo B.
Angelo B. "Abruzzo" Billhook
Angelo B. "Behemoth" Cleaver
Angelo B. "Electrite Carborundum" Scythe Stone
Angelo B. "Fermo" Billhook
Angelo B. "Milano" Scythe Stone
Angelo B. "Milano" Scythe Stone
Angelo B. "Napoli" Billhook
Angelo B. "Smeriglio" Scythe Stone
Angelo B. "Sorrento" Billhook
Angelo B. "Titan" Knife
Angelo B. Bending Fork
Angelo B. Corn Hook
Angelo B. European Bolo
Angelo B. Manual Grinding Wheel
Angelo B. Polymer Hay Rake
Angelo B. Premium Wooden Hay Rake
Antonini Old Bear--Large
Antonini Old Bear--Medium
Antonini Siciliano
Austro-American Trimming Blade #1
Axes & Hatchets
Baryonyx "American Mutt" Bench Stone
Baryonyx "Arctic Fox" Field Stone
Baryonyx "Arctic Fox" Pocket Stone
Baryonyx "Arctic Fox" Scythe Stone
Baryonyx "Arctic Fox" Scythe Stone--"Grade B"
Baryonyx "Arctic Fox" Sportsman's Puck
Baryonyx "Bull Thistle" American Scythe Stone
Baryonyx "Bull Thistle" Scythe Stone
Baryonyx "Manticore" Bench Stone
Baryonyx Knife Co.
Baryonyx Machete Sheath--Mk.III
Basic Bunny Rancher Kit
Becker BK-14 EsKabar
Becker BK-16 Drop Point
Becker BK-2 Campanion
Becker BK-9 Combat
BK-11 Becker Necker
BK-13 Remora
Blue Ridge Knives
Boker Gnome
BYX•CO Premium Sharpening Stones
Carbide Utility Scraper
Casco Bay Rum Shaving Soap
Case American Workman Sodbuster
Case Sodbuster Jr. Stainless
Case Sodbuster Stainless
Cedar Loghouse Shaving Soap In Reusable Bowl
Cedar Loghouse Shaving Soap--Refill Bar
Cerama Steel Honing Rod
Ceramic Honing Rod w/Grip
Coarse/Medium Edge Repair Stone
Cognet "Baby Douk-Douk"--Blued
Cognet "El Baraka"
Cognet "Le Tiki"
Cognet "Vendetta"
Cognet Douk-Douk Classic--Blued
Cognet Douk-Douk Classic--Chrome
Cognet L'Ecurieul--"The Squirrel"
Cold and Flu Soap Eucalyptus/Camphor
Cold Steel
Cold Steel Barong Machete
Cold Steel Bird & Game Knife
Cold Steel Bolo Machete w/Sheath
Cold Steel Bowie Bushman
Cold Steel Bowie Machete
Cold Steel Bushman w/Secure-Ex Sheath
Cold Steel Cutlass Machete
Cold Steel Jungle Machete
Cold Steel Kukri Machete
Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete
Cold Steel Panga Machete w/Sheath
Cold Steel Pipe Hawk
Cold Steel Pocket Bushman
Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete
Cold Steel Smatchet Machete
Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel w/Sheath
Cold Steel Thai Machete
Cold Steel Trail Hawk
Cold Steel Trail Hawk--"Grade B"
Condor 15" Bolo
Condor 18" EcoSurvivor
Condor 18" El Salvador Machete
Condor 18" El Salvador Machete--Wood Handle
Condor Barong Machete
Condor Bombus
Condor Boomslang
Condor Bushcraft Basic 4"
Condor Bushcraft Basic 5"
Condor Bushcraft Parang
Condor Bushlore--Blade Blank
Condor Bushlore--Micarta Handle
Condor Bushlore--Wood Handle
Condor Cloudburst Axe
Condor Crocodilian Machete
Condor Crotalus
Condor Duku Parang
Condor Dundee Bowie
Condor Eco Parang
Condor Eco-Survival Golok
Condor Engineer Bolo Machete
Condor Final Frontier
Condor Garuda
Condor Golok
Condor Greenland Hatchet
Condor Heavy Duty Kukri Knife
Condor Hivernant
Condor Hudson Bay Knife
Condor Kephart
Condor Kephart--Blade Blank
Condor Kickback Neck Knife
Condor Kukri Machete
Condor Lochnessmuk Knife
Condor Matagi
Condor Matagi--"Grade B"
Condor Mayflower Knife
Condor Mini Bushlore
Condor Mini Duku Parang
Condor Mini Matagi
Condor Moonshiner
Condor Moonstalker
Condor Nessmuk Knife
Condor Pack Golok Knife
Condor Parang
Condor Primitive Bush Knife
Condor Primitive Bush Knife -- Micarta
Condor Primitive Bush Machete
Condor Sapien--Wood Handle
Condor Scout Hatchet
Condor SoloBolo
Condor Speed Machete
Condor Swamp Master Machete
Condor Swamp Romper
Condor Tapanga
Condor Tavian
Condor Tool & Knife
Condor Viking Machete
Condor Village Parang Machete
Condor Warlock
Condor Woodlaw
Condor Woodlaw--Blade Blank
Condor Woodworker Axe
Condor Woodworker Axe--"Grade B"
Council Tool
Council Tools Classic Jersey--Curved Handle
Currently Available Models
Customized Rinaldi "Milano" Axe
Customized Rinaldi Italian Machete
Customized Seymour No.1 Grass Snath
Deep Earth Patchouli in Olive Oil Soap
Deluxe Bunny Rancher Kit
DMT Diafold--Coarse/Extra Coarse
DMT Diafold--Coarse/Fine
Dragonsblood Soap with Softening Mango Butter
Dual Grit Diamond Card
Economy Ceramic Bench Stone
EmberLit Original Stainless w/Cross Bars
Estwing Camper's Axe
Estwing Handy Bar
Estwing I-Beam Pry Bar
Estwing Rigger's Axe
Exfoliating Lemon Poppy Seed Soap
Falci "Enzian" Scythe Stone
Falci "Original Carborundum" Scythe Stone
Falci Billhook--Brush Slasher
Falci Billhook--French Pattern
Falci Grass Hook--Scythe Type
Falci Grass Hook--Sickle Type, Knuckle Offset
Falci Harvesting Hook
Falci Italian Felling Axe
Falci Manaresso--Giustina Pattern
Falci Manaresso--Piemonte Pattern
Falci Tools
Falci Weed Hook
Fatwood Soap & More
Firesteel--LMF Army
Firesteel--LMF Mini
Firesteel--LMF Scout
Firesteel--LMF Scout 2.0
Flexxx's Pro Field II Strop
Flexxx's Signature Double-Sided Field Strop
Focalink Ocarina--6 Hole Black Glazed Soprano in G
Focalink Ocarina--6 Hole Strawfired Alto in C
Focalink Ocarina--6 Hole Strawfired Soprano in G
Focalink Ocarina--Black Glazed Alto in C--Style A
Focalink Ocarina--Black Glazed Alto in C--Style B
Focalink Ocarina--Plastic Alto in C--Blue
Focalink Ocarina--Plastic Alto in C--Green
Focalink Ocarina--Plastic Soprano in C--Blue
Focalink Ocarina--Plastic Soprano in C--Green
Focalink Ocarina--Spearhead Pendant
Focalink Ocarina--Strawfired Alto in C--Style A
Focalink Ocarina--Strawfired Alto in C--Style B
Focalink Ocarina--Strawfired Soprano in G
Friedrich Dick
Friedrich Dick "Farmer's Own" File
Friedrich Dick "Italien Messer" Professional Cleaver
Friedrich Dick "Rifle" Steel
Friedrich Dick 10" Butcher Knife -- German Pattern
Friedrich Dick 12" Butcher Knife -- American Pattern
Friedrich Dick 12" Chef's Knife--Pro Dynamic
Friedrich Dick 3" Paring Knife--Pro Dynamic
Friedrich Dick 4" Poultry & Rabbit Knife
Friedrich Dick 6.5" Chef's Knife--Pro Dynamic
Friedrich Dick 9" Trimming Knife--Extra Wide Blade
Friedrich Dick All-Pupose Mini File
Friedrich Dick Classic German Lockback--Olivewood Handle
Friedrich Dick Double Edged Sticking Knife
Friedrich Dick Lamb Skinner
Friedrich Dick Meat Hooks For Small Animals
Friedrich Dick Two-Handed "Beef Splitter" Cleaver
Friedrich Dick Ultralight Machete
Friedrich Dick Ultralight Machete--Serrated
Galvanized Nib Cap
German Nail Clippers
Ginger and Cayenne Soap For Relieving Sore Muscles
Good Stout Weed Blade
Hafting Collar for No.1 Snaths
Hay Rakes
Honing & Maintenance Equipment
Horn Whetstone Holders
Hybrid Rinaldi Carpenter's Tomahawk
Hydrating Tea Tree Oil Soap in Olive Oil
Imacasa 12" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 14" Burriquito
Imacasa 14" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 14" Spoonbill Bolo
Imacasa 14.5" Daga
Imacasa 15" Cane Knife
Imacasa 16" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 18" Colima
Imacasa 18" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 18" Rozador
Imacasa 20" Cazanga Slasher
Imacasa 20" Panga
Imacasa 20" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 20" Rozador
Imacasa 22" Cane Tapanga
Imacasa 22" Colima
Imacasa 22" Guarizama
Imacasa 22" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 24" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 26" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 28" Pata de Cuche
Imacasa 28" Pata de Cuche--Cross Guard Grip
Imacasa Machete Sheath--12"
Imacasa Machete Sheath--14"
Imacasa Machete Sheath--16"
Imacasa Machete Sheath--18"
Imacasa Machete Sheath--20"
Imacasa Machete Sheath--22"
Imacasa Machete Sheath--24"
Imacasa Machete Sheath--26"
Imacasa Pata de Cuche:
Multiple Lengths

Imacasa Pata de Cuche: Multiple Lengths
Imperial Lavender Soap
Jewelstik "Stubby" Diamond Steel
KA-BAR Mark 1--Kraton
Kit Stuffers
Knives & Tools
Kydex Sheath for 6.5" Chef's Knife
Kydex Sheath for Double Edged Sticking Knife
Kydex Sheath for Lamb Skinner
Kydex Sheath for Poultry & Rabbit Knife
Lansky "Canoe" Scythe Stone
Leather Sheath for "Italien Messer" Cleaver
Links & Reading
LMF Titanium Spork
MAM Household Utility Stone
MAM Hunter's Knife
MAM Light Hunter
MAM Locking Douro Knife--Large
MAM Locking Douro Knife--Small
MAM Locking Drop Point Knife
MAM Locking Drop Point Knife--"Grade B"
MAM Locking Sheepsfoot Knife
MAM Rustic Douro Knife--Large
MAM Rustic Douro Knife--Small
MAM Rustic Douro Knife--Small--"Grade B"
MAM Rustic Drop Point Knife
MAM Rustic Sheepsfoot Knife
Marttiini Arctic Carver
Marttiini Arctic Circle
Marttiini Condor Timberjack
Marttiini Full Tang Hunter
Marttiini Lapp Knife
MASSIVE North Wayne Tool Co. "Little Giant" Grass Blade
Mercator "Black Cat" Lockback--Carbon
Mercator "Black Cat" Lockback--Stainless
Mercator "Brass Otter" Lockback--Carbon
Mercator "Brass Otter" Lockback--Stainless
Mercator/Otter Messer
Metal Glo Polishing Paste
Micro Sliding Knife
Modified Condor Nessmuk
Modified Mora #2 Classic
Modified Mora #2/0 Classic
Modified Mora #510
Modified Mora #511
Modified Mora Companion F Stainless
Modified Mora Companion HeavyDuty F
Modified Mora Companion MG Carbon
Modified Mora Companion Stainless--Black
Modified Mora Companion Stainless--Blue
Modified Mora Companion Stainless--Green
Modified Mora Craftline Robust
Modified Mora Pro Robust--Full Flat Grind
Modified Moras
Modified Rinaldi "Pesaro" Billhook
Mora #106 Carving Knife
Mora #120 Detail Carver
Mora #2 Classic
Mora #2/0 Classic
Mora #330 Hacking Knife
Mora #510
Mora #511
Mora 2000
Mora 2000F
Mora 8.5" Chef's Knife
Mora Basic 511
Mora Basic 511--Black
Mora Basic 511--Military Green
Mora Basic 511--Orange
Mora Basic 546
Mora Basic Safe
Mora Bushcraft Black
Mora Bushcraft Orange
Mora Bushcraft Pathfinder
Mora Companion F Stainless
Mora Companion HeavyDuty F
Mora Companion HeavyDuty MG
Mora Companion MG Carbon
Mora Companion MG Stainless
Mora Companion Stainless--Black
Mora Companion Stainless--Blue
Mora Companion Stainless--Green
Mora Companion Stainless--Magenta
Mora Craftline Robust
Mora Drawknife
Mora Full Curve Spoon Knife--Double Edged
Mora Garberg--MultiMount
Mora HighQ Chisel Knife
Mora of Sweden
Mora Pro C
Mora Pro Chisel
Mora Pro Flex
Mora Pro Robust
Mora Pro S
Mora Single-Edged Full Curve Spoon Knife
Music for the Trail
Nagao Higonokami
Nagao Higonokami No.10--Medium Brass
Nagao Higonokami No.11--Large Brass
Nagao Higonokami No.6--Small Black
Nagao Higonokami No.6--Small Silver
Nagao Higonokami No.7--Medium Black
Nagao Higonokami No.7--Medium Silver
Nagao Higonokami No.8--Large Black
Nagao Higonokami No.8--Large Silver
Nagao Higonokami No.9--Small Brass
New England Frost Peppermint Aloe Soap
New Items!
Norton 2"x5" Combination India Stone
Okapi Baby Sable Knife
Okapi Big Sable Knife--Wood
Okapi Big Sable--Polymer
Okapi Biltong Knife
Okapi Genet Knife
Okapi Genet Knife--"Grade B"
Okapi Latin Bolo Machete
Okapi Latin Bolo--"Grade B"
Old Hickory Hop Knife
Old Hickory Hop Knife--"Grade B"
Old Hickory Household Cleaver
Old Hickory Skinning Knife
Ontario Knife Company
Ontario RAT-2 Folder
Opinel Chef's Knife No. 118
Opinel Folding Saw
Opinel Garden Knife--"Grade B"
Opinel No. 7--Carbon
Opinel No. 7--Stainless
Opinel No. 8--Carbon
Opinel No. 8--Stainless
Opinel No.12 Stainless
Opinel No.6--Carbon
Opinel No.6--Stainless
Opinel No.8 Garden Knife
Opinel No.8 Hawkbill Stainless
Opinel No.8 Stainless--Running Rabbits
Otter Messer Desk Knife
Otter Messer Detail Carving Knife
P-38 Can Opener
P-51 Can Opener
Parts & Pieces
Past Projects
Polymer Whetstone Holder
Precision Tweezers
Precision Tweezers--Black Oxide
Rabbitry Supplies
Rare Condor Bushlore--High Figure Grain
RAT-1 Folder
RAT-1 Olive Drab
Renaissance Wax--200ml
Renaissance Wax--65ml
Replacement Loop Bolt for Patent Snaths
Replacement Lower Nib
Replacement Nib--Grip Only
Replacement Upper Nib
Rinaldi "American" Boy's Axe
Rinaldi "American" Hand Axe
Rinaldi "Cadore" Axe
Rinaldi "Calabria" Axe
Rinaldi "Calabria" Hand Axe
Rinaldi "Calabria" Heavy Duty Axe
Rinaldi "Calabria" Magnum Hand Axe
Rinaldi "Giustina" Manaresso--Leather Handle
Rinaldi "Giustina" Manaresso--Polymer Handle
Rinaldi "Kindling Kleaver" Manaresso
Rinaldi "Lucca" Billhook--Leather Handle
Rinaldi "Lucca" Billhook--Polymer Handle
Rinaldi "Lucca" Billhook--Polymer Handle--"Grade B"
Rinaldi "Milano" Axe
Rinaldi "Pesaro" Billhook
Rinaldi "Piemonte" Manaresso--Polymer Handle
Rinaldi "Scansano" Slasher
Rinaldi "Sicilia" Micro Axe
Rinaldi "Trento" Boy's Axe
Rinaldi "Trento" Felling Axe
Rinaldi "Trento" Hand Axe
Rinaldi "Vari-Sheath" Edge Cover
Rinaldi "Zocca" Billhook
Rinaldi Carpenter's Hawk--Synthetic Handle
Rinaldi Carpenter's Hawk--Wood Handle
Rinaldi Half-Wide "Bergamo" Billhook
Rinaldi Italian Machete--Leather Handle
Rinaldi Italian Machete--Polymer Handle
Rinaldi Italian Racing Axe
Rinaldi Peening Hammer
Rinaldi Sledge Hammer
Rinaldi Splitting Maul
Rinaldi Tall Peening Anvil
Rinaldi Utility Adze
Rugged Lumberjack Pine Soap
Rust Eraser
Sans Soap For Sensitive Skin Scent/Dye Free
Scythe Blades & Grass Hooks
Scythe Grinding Service
Scythes & Accessories
Seymour Midwest 24" Weed Blade
Seymour Midwest 30" Grass Blade
Seymour Midwest No.8 Aluminum Snath
Sharpening & Maintenance
Sharpening Stone Holder
Sheath for Cold Steel Pipe Hawk
Sheath for Cold Steel Trail Hawk
Sheath For Rinaldi Italian Machete
Sheaths for Latin Pattern Machetes
Sheaths for Latin Pattern Machetes
Silky Almond And Honey Goat's Milk Soap
Silky Saws
Silky Saws BigBoy 2000
Silky Saws PocketBoy 170mm--Medium Teeth
Snaths & Complete Scythes
Snow & Nealley
Snow & Nealley 2.25lb Boy's Axe
Snow & Nealley 3.5lb Axe
Snow & Nealley Hudson Bay Axe
Stella Bianca 8" Flat Bastard File
Stella Bianca 8" Half Round Rasp
Stella Bianca Four-In-One Rasp
Svord Custom Series--Von Tempsky Forest Bowie
Svord Farmer's Knife
Svord Kiwi General Outdoor Knife
Svord Kiwi Machete
Svord Kiwi Trapper
Svord Mini Diamond Steel
Svord Mini Peasant Knife--Black
Svord Mini Peasant Knife--Blue
Svord Mini Peasant Knife--Orange
Svord Mini Peasant Knife--Wood
Svord Mini Peasant Knife--Wood--"Grade B"
Svord Peasant Knife--Black
Svord Peasant Knife--Blue
Svord Peasant Knife--Orange
Svord Peasant Knife--Wood
Swedish "Banko" Laminated Bush Blade
Swedish "Banko" Laminated Grass Blade
Swedish Fire Knife--Black
Temporarily Retired Models
The Baryonyx Machete
Top Sellers
TOPS Lite Trekker--Black
TOPS Machete .230
TOPS Pocket Saw
Tramontina 14" Bolo Machete
Tramontina 14" Trail Machete
Tramontina 18" Bush Machete
TrueTemper Briar Edge Bush Blade #1
Universal Billhook & Machete Holster
V3 Pocket Bellows
Victorinox "Little Vicky" Utility Knife
Victorinox Farmer
Victorinox Large Lanyard Rings
Vintage 32" Grass Blade
Vintage American Scythe #1--Seymour SN-1
Vintage American Scythe #3--Seymour Ironclad
Vintage American Scythe #4--Derby & Ball Swing Socket
Vintage American Scythe #6--"Nightshade" Derby & Ball Swing Socket
Vintage American Scythe #7-- Sta-Tite No.50~I.B.S.
Vintage American Scythe #9 -- Five Caged Doves
Vintage American Scythe--Offset Seymour Ironclad
W.R. Case & Sons
Whetstone Horn No.1
Whetstone Horn No.2
Whetstone Horn No.3
Whetstone Horn No.4
Whetstone Horn No.5
Whetstone Horn No.6
Whetstone Horn No.7
Whetstone Horn No.8
Zancudo Framelock Folder
Zancudo Framelock Folder--Desert Tan
Zancudo Framelock Folder--Olive Drab

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