Imacasa 20" Panga

Imacasa 20" Panga
Item# 32-20P-MI-1
Special Grade: 

Product Description

Limited Availability! We received these 13 months after placing the initial special order through our old source and had given up on them as a lost cause when they suddenly showed up! When they're gone we're not sure when more will be available, so don't delay!

If this piece looks a lot like the Condor Viking, that's because it's essentially an economical tapered carbon steel version of the same! The 20" flared blade delivers powerful blows that will decimate even the heaviest targets while the strong distal taper keeps the blade from sagging under its own weight, as many lesser machetes in the longer blade lengths are prone to do.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will:

~Sharpen the rough-ground edge to a thin convex

~Flush the scales to the tang and bevel any harsh edges

~Square the spine for firesteel striking and tinder shaving

If selecting the Special Grade Plus option we will do all of the above and add a partial back edge at the tip for briars and brambles.

Product Details

Overall Length: 25"

Blade Length: 20"

Blade Steel: 1075 High Carbon

Thickness: 1.5mm

Weight: 1lb. 7oz.

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