Imacasa 20" Cazanga Slasher

Imacasa 20" Cazanga Slasher
Item# 110-20T-OI-1
Special Grade: 

Product Description

This vicious sickle-like machete makes quick work of everything from dense grasses and brambles to medium sized saplings--and maybe a zombie or two! The socket handle may be used as-is, but also allows for the insertion of a wooden pole for use as a slasher to make wide-sweeping deep cuts in vegetation and take deep bites out of woody targets.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will:

~Sharpen the rough-ground edge to a thin convex

~Grind the rounded nose of the hook to a well-shaped point

Product Details

Overall Length: 25 and 3/4"

Blade Length: 20"

Blade Steel: 1075 High Carbon

Thickness: 2mm

Weight: 1lb. 8oz.

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