Ginger and Cayenne Soap For Relieving Sore Muscles

Ginger and Cayenne Soap For Relieving Sore Muscles
Item# ginger-and-cayenne-soap-for-relieving-sore-muscles

Product Description

Had a long day? Your body might appreciate a nice hot shower with this relaxing soap! Made with real shredded ginger and cayenne pepper, these anti-inflammatory ingredients are great for calming sore muscles, achy joints, and relaxing the body. The softly warming effect of the cayenne aids in circulation and unties deeply knotted muscles. To top it all off the natural ginger fibers and cayenne pepper work as a gentle exfoliate while the soya milk base softens the skin. For low energy or fatigue try pairing the warming effect of this soap with a cool shower--very invigorating!

This is our personal favorite soap! We're confident you'll enjoy it too.

Proud to be a cruelty-free product. Each bar of soap is approximately 4oz by weight.

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