Friedrich Dick "Farmer's Own" File

Friedrich Dick "Farmer's Own" File
Item# FD-12112000

Product Description

While best known in the USA for their industrial culinary and butcher's knives, Friedrich Dick was originally founded as a file manufacturer all the way back in 1778, and their legacy extends to the modern day.

This classic single-cut file, known commonly as a "Farmer's Own" or "Handy" file, is just the thing for maintenance sharpening of edged and agricultural tools, as well as other general medium-fine filing tasks where a smooth finish is desired. The integral handle is a great convenience: no separate file handle is needed for comfortable use. "Second cut" on both faces, with one safe edge. Made in Germany.

Nominal Length: 8"

Overall Length: 11 and 5/8"

Section: 1" x 3/16"

Weight: 7.6oz

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