Focalink Ocarina--Strawfired Soprano in G

Focalink Ocarina--Strawfired Soprano in G
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Product Description

Focalink of Taiwan is a world-renowned producer of performance-grade ocarinas of consistently high quality. This ocarina, key of E5-C7, is tuned in the key of G, and can go below G down to the E. It has exquisite breath response and crystal clear tone.

This ocarina is made of traditional robust ceramic and takes its distinctive patterning and coloration from a process known as strawfiring, where the ocarina is wrapped in combustable materials before being placed in the kiln. Each piece is completely unique and gives the instrument its own "fingerprint."

A fingering chart and padded "holster" case are included.

Note: Camphor oil is used as a thinner in the shellac applied to these ocarinas. If you are allergic to camphor you may wish to choose a different ocarina.

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