Falci "Original Carborundum" Scythe Stone

Falci "Original Carborundum" Scythe Stone
Item# FALCI_149930-04

Product Description

The Carborundum Company of Niagara Falls, NY gained worldwide fame for their synthetic sharpening stones. Not made by the Carborundum Company itself (which was purchased by Norton in 1990) this imported stone is made of the same sort of fine-graded silicon carbide that made the originals famous. While silicon carbide is one of the most widely used synthetic abrasives around, it is almost exclusively used in very coarse stones today. This stone surprised us by honing very fine near-mirror edges that lead us to estimate it at between 480-600 grit. A hard-wearing fine stone of excellent quality.

This stone often comes with some excess "loose" grit on the surface that makes it initially feel more coarse than it actually is. After a few uses the excess wears off and the smoother surface is revealed. The opposite face is fully flat, allowing it to be used for knives or other similar tools.

Length: 9"

Width: 1 & 1/4"

Thickness: 1/2"


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