Deluxe Bunny Rancher Kit

Deluxe Bunny Rancher Kit
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Product Description

Made in the USA!

A comprehensive starter pack for those looking at getting into raising rabbits for meat or fiber, in a compact vertical-stacking arrangement! After we tried starting our rabbitry on the cheap we quickly realized the frustration of dealing with low-quality equipment. These represent the cages we wish we had started with, as it would have ultimately saved both money and headaches. All cages measure 24"x36"

Contents of this set include all those found in the basic kit:

~1x Buck cage
~2x Doe cages w/baby saver wire (prevents young kits from escaping!)
~All hardware needed for (extremely simple) assembly
~1x Pair of heavy-duty forged J-clip pliers (used for assembly and maintenance)
~3x Resting mats
~3x Name card holders
~3x Premium self-sifting feeders to prevent dust accumulation from pellets
~3x Jumbo half-gallon Lixit ball stem watering bottles

~3x Sets of interlocking stacking legs w/tray slides
~3x Heavy duty polymer litter trays

These cage units work ideally for those with indoor facilities or limited space! Cages can stack atop one another or be stood individually.

Due to the weight of this combo package we request that you write us at for a personalized shipping quote.

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