Customized Rinaldi "Milano" Axe

Customized Rinaldi "Milano" Axe
Item# ModRinaldiMilano

Product Description

A brilliantly designed large hatchet or small hand axe, the bit is shaped thin for the first 1 & 1/2" for powerful chopping before smoothly flaring into a strong splitting thickness. A broad bit for its weight, the fairly straight edge and large striking surface makes wood shaping tasks a snap!

This example has been fitted to a custom 24" straight-grained beech handle, greatly increasing its striking power while remaining nimble in crafting tasks. The factory handle is also included, allowing the user to swap the head between them.

Head Dimensions: 4 & 3/4" x 6 & 1/4"

Overall Length: 24"

Weight: 2lb 1.4oz

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