Condor Woodworker Axe--"Grade B"

Condor Woodworker Axe--"Grade B"
Item# WoodworkerB
Regular price: $74.98
Our price: $44.99
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Product Description

A compact chopping and splitting axe with a forged finish and polished edge. Such "all-'rounder" axes are surprisingly difficult to find, making the Woodworker Axe a popular model in the Condor line. Comes with a high-quality leather edge cover.

The only things wrong with this example are a somewhat high shoulder on the handle and a very slightly crooked hang that should be unnoticeable in actual use.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Overall Length: 18"

Head Dimensions: 5 and 1/2" X 3 and 3/8"

Steel: 1045 Carbon

Head Weight: 1.5 lbs

Overall Weight: 2.1 lbs

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