Condor Otzi Knife--"Grade B" #2

Condor Otzi Knife--"Grade B" #2
Item# OtziB2
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Product Description

Patterned after the knife of the famous Ítzi the ice man, the Condor Otzi Knife represents a modernized take on the knapped flint tool for the modern user to enjoy and experiment with. With an upgrade from flint to steel, sinew to twisted copper wire, ash wood to flame-hardened hickory, and from a lime tree bast sheath to wet-formed leather, the knife has been brought into the modern age while maintaining a primitive look and feel.

The only thing wrong with this example is the blade was slightly over-sharpened at the factory, resulting in a slight inward dip at the base of the blade.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Suggested Uses: Camping,natural materials crafting, general utility.

Overall Length: 5 and 5/8"

Blade Length: 2 and 3/8"

Steel: 1095 High Carbon

Thickness: 2.75mm

Weight: 1.8oz

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