Casco Bay Rum Shaving Soap

Casco Bay Rum Shaving Soap
Item# casco-bay-rum-shaving-soap

Product Description

A classic scent for a shaving soap, Bay Rum is a perfect blend of spicy aromas that's sure to please. A rich, meringue-like lather is luxurious on the face, yielding a high-performance shave with minimum effort! Lots of people sell Bay Rum shaving soap--but no one sells one that works this well. Give it a try and find out!

This refill soap comes as a shallow rectangular bar. To fit it to your shaving bowl, chop it into small squares and place them in a microwave-safe container. Heat in the microwave on high until fully melted (approx. 45 seconds to 1 minute) and pour into the shaving bowl of your choice. Allow to cool, and you're ready to lather up!

Each bar approximately 4 oz. by weight.

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