Baryonyx "Bull Thistle" American Scythe Stone

Baryonyx "Bull Thistle" American Scythe Stone
Item# BYX-U192RU120Q

Product Description

A classic all-purpose stone for use on all manner of knives and tools, the American pattern scythe stone can be used like an abrasive file or held stationary and used like a butcher's steel. The rounded edges of the stone hug the contours of forward-curving or recurved blades like scythes, sickles, brush axes, kukris, or billhooks while the flat gives good contact on straight or upswept edges.

This "Bull Thistle" series stone is carefully formulated from premium ANSI 120 synthetic ruby grit in a medium-hard ceramic bond. Ideal for setting a toothy scratch pattern on slicing tools, performing routine bevel maintenance to refresh edges rounded over from repeated honing, and repairing minor to moderate rolled and dinged edges. Absorbs and retains water extremely well, creating a thin film on the surface when fully saturated. Cuts fast, resists loading, but remains hard enough to resist gouging and excessive wear. Made with pride in the USA!

Dimensions: 10" x 1 and 1/4" x 3/4"

Weight: 10.8oz

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