Baryonyx "Arctic Fox" Sportsman's Puck

Baryonyx "Arctic Fox" Sportsman's Puck
Item# BYX-UBaryonyx1

Product Description

A dual grit ceramic puck stone in our acclaimed Arctic Fox sapphire ceramic blend on one face with a coarser grey face for a one-two punch when field sharpening axes, machetes, and other tools. The grey ANSI 240 grit face will rapidly erase scratch marks from a file, while the icy blue ANSI 400 grit side will bring the edge to a hazy mirror finish that easily shaves. Readily absorbs and retains water, with a thin film on the surface to keep the pores of the stone free of metal fines. Cuts quickly, yet leaves a fine finish.

Weight: 7.8oz

Diameter: 3"

Thickness: 7/8"

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