Austro-American Trimming Blade #1

Austro-American Trimming Blade #1
Item# VIC-1

Product Description

A short Austrian-made American pattern bush blade of light and thin build, fully restored and ready to mow. Most likely made by Schroeckenfux for Seymour Mfg. under the VIC label like their present blades, but the absence of a hanging hole in the toe and the quality of the forging leads us to believe that it was manufactured in the 70's or thereabouts.

The blade has been given a full electrolytic rust removal treatment, the profile trued up, the edge ground thin and hollow on a traditional water-cooled grindstone, the tang induction-heated and given a steep angle for a level lay, and two clear coats of lacquer for rust protection. Thanks to the light build and pitched tang, this blade is excellent for cutting in tight spaces where control is needed, such as in between garden beds.

Tang Angle: 22.5

Heel to Toe Length: 15 & 1/2"

Overall Length: 19"

Weight: 1lb 10oz

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