Vintage 32" Grass Blade

Vintage 32" Grass Blade
Item# RestoredGrassBlade32

Product Description

A classic American scythe blade of good form and ample length, we are unfortunately unable to discern its maker. A partial stamp remains, seemingly the end of "trademark", but none of its features are unique enough to attribute it to a particular manufacturer. The blade has been given a full electrolytic rust removal treatment, protective clear coat, the tang angle adjusted, and the edge fully hollow ground and honed so it's ready to mow. For more photos, see HERE. We strongly suspect that this blade is laminated.

This blade would make an excellent match for tall mowers, snaths with little "lift" in the neck, or for lawn work and other mowing circumstances where a very close-cropped stubble is desired.

Heel To Toe: 32" (81.28cm)

Overall Length: 34 and 1/2"(87.63cm)

Tang Angle: 17

Weight: 1lb 7.8oz (674.72g)

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