12" Jewelstik Diamond Steel

12" Jewelstik Diamond Steel
Item# HMP12
Regular price: $36.95
Our price: $27.72

Product Description

This excellent oval diamond steel is the perfect companion for maintaining the edge on any knife or tool with a concave or recurved profile. The oval form gives greater surface area than the common tapered stones intended for sharpening serrations, and will put a fine edge on scythes, kukris, billhooks, and pruning knives, as well as cutting tools with conventional blade profiles. The 12" long sharpening surface allows for a very elongated stroke, perfect for honing large blades or for making the work on short blades go faster.

The sharpening surface will feel slightly coarse when brand new, due to excess diamond from the manufacturing process. After a few uses the extra diamond will break loose, leaving the permanent fine surface. The double-sided surface allows for the front-and-back stroke commonly used with a scythe stone or traditional butcher's steel. Extremely light weight, and USA-made!

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