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Mora #2/0 Classic
Special Grade Optional!
Regular price: $23.00
Our price: $17.25
BYXCO "Arctic Fox" Bench Stone
USA Made!
Stella Bianca Four-In-One Rasp
Scythes & AccessoriesRinaldi "Calabria" Hand Axe
Special Grade Optional!
The Baryonyx Machete
Our Signature Design!
Regular price: $89.98
Our price: $69.98


New Item Alerts!

We're proud to announce that our BYXCO "American Mutt" series of sharpening stones is now available in pucks and pocket stones!
Exceptionally economical, USA made, coarse stones that leave a finer-than-normal finish for how fast they cut.

A reminder that we're now offering free Special Grade servicing on ALL Condor products!


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